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                          First working weeks

                          My first working weeks in the casino did not go without a struggle. I had to get used to the English language and its customs. In the casino, you as an employee must be very formal against the guests, you must be very careful that you do not accidentally spread or something like that. I come from a very small village in the Netherlands, where we only speak in dialect. Although I was raised Dutch, I found it difficult because at home I always only spoke in dialect with my parents, my brothers and sisters, my neighbours and my family and friends. I always found this a very pleasant language to speak because you have fewer words than in normal Dutch. You make shorter sentences, but you say the same thing. The message is clear. When I was in elementary school at a young age, this was not a problem. But when I went from elementary school to high school, I noticed that my upbringing had been a bit to my detriment. It would have been better if I had not been brought up in dialect but just in Dutch. In high school I could talk to my friends and girlfriends, but I did notice that in the field of spelling and vocabulary I have disadvantage compared to my peers. I did not mind this, because I am eager to learn. I like to learn things and I also find it easy to learn things quickly. My teacher was Miss Annie. Miss Annie helped me very well in catching up with my backlog. She often visited me at home to see how my homework went. When needed, she helped me with this and gave extra lessons during the evening hours. At first, I did not like this, because after a day of school I also want to be free. But she gave me the insight that it was necessary to make up my arrears so that I would come back to the same level as my classmates. After helping me for years to get rid of my disadvantage, I was ready to take the exam in my final year. This went very smoothly. I even got an 8 for the Dutch exam! I really did not dare to dream about this at the beginning of my career in high school. I was so very happy with this. For the English exam I got a 5, I found this a shame. Despite these 5, I was successful. The reason for this is that you may not have enough for a course on your final list. Fortunately, I only had enough for English and no further for any subject. I had also learned well for the exams, so this was really a reward for my good efforts. At least, Miss Annie said this to me. If she says this, I believe her at her word. That is why I felt ready to go abroad, because I had now sufficiently completed the high school exam. My choice for Australia was because it is completely on the other side of the world and in my opinion, you will learn the most from it. Simply because you are very far away from your familiar environment with friends and family.

                          Another reason I chose Australia is my love for animals. In the Netherlands you naturally have many animals such as dogs, cats, birds, horses, sheep and cows. But in nature you do not have exotic animals. In the zoo you have these in the Netherlands, but I think that’s a bit fake. I would like to see exotic animals in nature. Animals that do not occur in Europe in nature. Examples include giraffes, elephants, kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles. This seems to me very nice to come across in real life. Especially kangaroos seem very cool to me. These are almost nowhere in the world. I think these only occur in nature in Australia. Perhaps this country has become so famous. Yet another fact, before I close my first post on this blog. So, it seems that the world map shows Africa very large and Australia is very small compared to the continent of Africa. Now it seems that Australia is just as big as the entire continent of Africa. That is incredibly vague that these relationships are so weird on the map of the world. My plan was to ask in Australia what the reason is. I wonder who created the world map in this way and how it is possible that the relationships are so unreal. This should be forbidden. If you’d like to return to the homepage, click here.

                          I intend to continue working for the next time at Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo. I want to save a lot of money first before I start to travel through the country. My plan when traveling is as follows: I am going to buy a van and with this I am going to cross the east coast. I can sleep in this van. I hope that I can do this together with someone else. After this I will sell this van again and I will make a domestic flight to the west coast by plane. I also want to visit beautiful places there, but I do not yet know which ones. I’m going to find this out. Until next time. casumoI hope you enjoyed reading this. In my next post I will tell you more about the room I rent in Sydney. I’m also willing to tell you more about my new friends here. In Australia are many backpackers. My friends here come from all over the world. For example: Sweden, Canada, India, Italy and Ukraine. See you next time!