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                          Welcome to my blog about my life in Australia,

                          After I finished my period in high school, I decided to embark on an exciting adventure. I left for Australia for a long period. I wanted to get to know another culture. I also wanted to become more independent. The best way to become this seemed to be to literally leave to the other side of the world. If you stay within Europe, you are still reasonably close to family and friends if something is going on. When you are in Australia this is not the case, because traveling to the Netherlands will take about 24 hours. Before I left for Australia, I saved several thousand euros.

                          But I knew in advance that this would not be enough for my entire stay in Australia. oranje casinoI was planning to stay for about a year in this country. That way I had enough time to work, to travel and to chill. Because I wanted to have certainty, in the Netherlands I applied at Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo. I found this very exciting because this is a very large company in Australia. I did not expect in advance that I would just be accepted at Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo.


                          Free spins department

                          Still, 2 weeks before my departure, I got the good news from Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo that I had been hired. This was a huge relief for me. I was excited to get started at Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo. On November 1st I arrived in Sydney, a big city in Australia. Before I’ve been working at? the Oranje free spins casino at the onlinecasinoinformatie recensie.??Department. Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo are other nice casinos.? I will first travel for two weeks. In the second week on Friday I have an introductory meeting with the floor manager of Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jack pot City casino and Casumo trough Gamblinggorillas.com.? And with the team of this casino. The first two weeks I stayed in the Sydney area. Because Sydney is such a metropolis and there is so much to see here, I did not think it would be necessary to go any further. I did go to the zoo, which is sponsored by, among others, Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo.

                          I also went to the waterfalls of Kato, which lie just outside Sydney in a protected nature reserve. At the end of the two weeks I was happy that I had my acquaintance at Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo. I was just ready and my bank account as well. I had expected that Australia would not be such an easy country for a student, but that it was so expensive I did not expect. This was partly due to my smoking addiction. In the Netherlands I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. It is already expensive there. But in Australia it us much more expensive than I expected.

                          In Australia it costs 25 euros per package. For this reason, I decided to stop smoking immediately. This is the first advantage that my adventure to this beautiful country has already yielded me. I am very happy about this. It is also forbidden to smoke in many places in Australia, including at Oranje casino, Mr Green, Jackpot City and Casumo. Fortunately, I stopped in time. I am quite proud of myself now that this has succeeded. For further information about my first working weeks in Australia, click here.

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